Application requirements are common for all the job opportunities


Permanent employee

Work location

Tokyo office *Location may change depending on projects, There is a probability of frequent business trips to Kanto area such as Saitama, Kanagawa, Tochigi and Gunma.

Onsite Work Location

Onsite work for a certain period for customer projects, mainly Kanto area or Aichi prefecture.


JR Hamamatsuchou Station - 7 minutes on foot / Subway Daimon Station - 10 minutes on foot

Salary range

4 million~8 million JPY

  • 1. 1/12 of the annual salary will be paid every month
  • 2. Overtime work of 30 hours is included in the monthly salary. Full amount of excess overtime working hours will be paid.
  • 3. Decided by skills and experiences, revised annually (Every January)

Overtime allowance ( full amount provision ), commuting allowance, business trip allowance, housing allowance (up to 30,000 JPY per month)

Work hours

(Standard working hours 8h Core time 10:00~16:00)


Saturday, Sunday, National Holiday

  • 1. Summer holiday( 3days )
  • 2. New Year holiday
  • 3. Paid holiday
  • 4. Congratulatory/ Condolence leave
  • 5. Annual holidays - more than 120 days
Employee benefits

Health insurance( Kanto IT software health insurance association )

  • 1. Pension
  • 2. Employment insurance
  • 3. Compensation insurance
  • 4. Language traning allowance ( Japanese lesson expenses for foreign employees and English lesson expenses for Japanese employees )

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