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From Concept to Production – Robust Algorithms and Function Development

"Control systems design and development of complex algorithms and functions has been our specialty since being founded – and is also reflected in our company name. ITK stands for Ingenieurgesellschaft für Technische Kybernetik (Engineering Company for Technical Cybernetics)."

System Understanding

Software-based functions determine, today more than ever, the innovative strength of an industry. The complexity increases, along with development and maintenance costs, as the number of features in a system grows. Therefore the development of functional architectures is becoming increasingly crucial: interactions, as well as complex behavioral and networking logic in functions and algorithms, must be recognized in the development phase to prioritize and develop conflict resolution strategies. This is exactly what we bring, in-depth system understanding and domain knowledge to support you, in particular, with architectural concepts, modeling, testing and virtual initial setup.

Robust Control

From controller concept and design, to parameterization and production – control of mechatronic, electrical and electro-hydraulic systems has been ITK's core competency since its founding. Whether it is the analysis and optimization of existing control loops or the development of new production-ready control algorithms – in technical cybernetics, we are at home.

Interdisciplinary Solutions

Control systems design, signal and image processing, sensor data fusion and embedded software engineering – the various disciplines of algorithm development are becoming increasingly important – not only as individual disciplines, but even more when they are combined. Advanced features (e.g. advanced driver assistance systems or surgical devices) spread across a variety of system components. Therefore, an understanding of the overall system requires in-depth knowledge and additional expertise in the various disciplines. Benefit from our experience in all of these areas – for over two decades, we have developed and implemented algorithms and controllers for a variety of industries and applications.

Our Services

  • Requirements Engineering
  • Function Development
  • Software Architectures
  • Control Systems Design
  • Signal Processing
  • Image Processing
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Virtualization and Virtual Commissioning
  • Production Code Development
  • Development Methods in Agile and Regulated Environments
  • Consulting in Handling Control Concepts (Human Machine Interface, HMI)

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