From Automotive to Agricultural Equipment and Commercial Vehicles

“From hardware-oriented embedded programming to tool-based functional development at the application level – take advantage of all the benefits of standardization for ECU development.”

Take Advantage of Maximum Performance

Fully harness the extra power of multi-core processors – in the design of software architecture, we place particular importance on optimal runtime distribution of individual functions.

Migration to AUTOSAR

You want to migrate your conventional programmed software? We take care of the required customizations and guarantee AUTOSAR-compliant implementation. With the AUTOSAR standard we increase the degree of reusability – particularly in the use of future hardware platforms.

From Version 3 to 4

Functional safety, encryption algorithms and TCP/IP – AUTOSAR version 4 brings many new features. With the higher available bandwidth through ethernet, we can develop AUTOSAR compliant functions that require a high data rate in real time. We always keep functional safety in view, but you can also feel safe with us in the field of security – so you are protected against malfunctions and attacks from the outside.

Our Services

  • Migration of Conventional Software or from Previous AUTOSAR to 4.x Versions
  • Integrated Toolchain
    • Planning and Consulting Tools
    • Implementation of an Overall Development Environment, incl. Linking of Model-Based Development and Auto Code Generation
  • Advice on ECU Design and Migration of Functions, incl. the consideration of OEM-Specific Components
    • Application-Oriented Selection of Hardware
    • Application-Specific Software Architecture Considering Functional Safety, Security and Multi-Rate Sampling, Scheduling, Etc.
  • Creation of System Design incl. Communication Matrices of Bus Systems and Higher Level Protocols/Functions, incl. Network Management
  • Driver Programming
  • Implementation, Verification & Validation of Basic Software
  • Coaching and AUTOSAR-Seminar


  • Automotive
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Agricultural Machines
  • Special Vehicles

As Premium Partner of the AUTOSAR-Consortium we actively participate, together with other AUTOSAR-partner, in the further development of the AUTOSAR-standards especially regarding Safety [WP-A3] and [FT-SAF] as well as Security [FT-SEC]. Please find more information about our membership in our

press release.

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