Hardware Development

Fail-Safe Hardware for Safety-Critical Functions

"Hardware requirements derived from system requirements – for us, that's the first step towards high-performance hardware with low energy consumption."

Ensure High Availability of Electronics

The basis for sustainable hardware development is the reliable creation of safety-critical functions, robust hardware design with high-power densities, and the ability to accomplish this all within the smallest design space. In addition to comprehensive testing, such as design and product validation including EMC testing, we conduct various quality assurance measures like FTA and FMEA – so even in extreme environmental conditions, the reliability of the product is guaranteed to last.

Small Space, Big Performance

Low unit cost, low energy consumption, minimum design space and maximum performance – sound like a paradox? This can be completed by deriving the hardware requirements from the system requirements, early prototyping and intelligent circuit design. Our development solutions also have low-loss, are EMC-safe and have high-power densities.

Selection of Sustainable Components

We think beyond the development period – in addition to the use of advanced semiconductors, the long-term availability of components is important to us. With this, we offer sustainable development and avoid unnecessary modifications with new components.

Our Services

  • Project Management
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Robust Hardware Design and Architecture
  • Mechanical Design
  • Circuit Design and Development
  • Prototype Development and Fabrication
  • Software Development and Test
  • Design and Validation including EMC Testing
    • ECU Fabrication by Our Manufacturing Partners
    • SMD and THT Assembly
    • Module Assembly
    • AOI-Testing
    • ICT-Testing
  • Module Testing; EOL
  • Quality Assurance e.g. FMEA und FTA

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