Quality Assurance

Software Quality in Theory and Practice

“You benefit from our years of methods expertise. This experience allows us to strategically solve your software development requirements.”

Quality Assurance

You don’t want your products to mature at the customer, you want to deliver a fully tested and fully functional product – that’s how we work too! As a partner with sustainable understanding of quality throughout the whole development process, we support you in achieving your operational quality targets despite tight deadlines. Through specific coaching, we encourage motivation and quality awareness in your development teams – for us, this is the foundation for quality.

Document Completed Work

Regardless of whether traditional or agile development methods are used, the development should always be adequately documented. Because medium and long term systemic changes can only be implemented efficiently through a successfully implemented documentation strategy. As a development partner, we can help you introduce a documentation strategy and optimize your development process, to promote the efficiency of your products.

Our Services

  • Operational Quality Assurance
  • Operational Support for the Introduction of e.g. Automotive SPICE
  • Targeted Quality Assurance through the Use of Key Performance Indicators and Metrics
  • Development-Related Consulting
  • Supplier Management
  • Project Management, e.g. SCRUM

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