Protection from Scalable Attacks

“In our projects we combine domain knowledge with our expertise in the areas of embedded and security engineering to prevent external attacks.”

Achieve Protection Goals

The importance of security dramatically increases with the opening of systems to the outside. Whether it‘s in a vehicle or medical device, application protection goals – such as confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity – must be achieved. This is the only way to ensure that hackers’ attacks are unsuccessful and create no security breaches that may affect the safety of your product.

The Best Defense is a Good Offense

Only those who know where potential threats originate can really protect themselves. That is why we are working hard internally at ITK, and within committees, on potential attack scenarios in order to develop appropriate safeguards for function encryption. Protect yourself and your development from external attacks with our expert guidance on the choice and use of cryptographic algorithms.

At All Levels

A successfully executed, scalable attack would have disastrous consequences. Security is important for all levels and stages of development – from the basics of cryptography to implementation, testing, and field observation.

Our Services

  • Threat and vulnerability analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • Security concepts
    • Protocol design
    • Secure software architecture
    • Secure hardware design
  • Choice of controls and cryptographic algorithms
  • Development support
    • Secure coding
  • Code reviews based on secure coding guidelines
  • Security testing
    • Protocol validation and verification
    • Fuzzing tests
    • Penetration tests

As Premium Partner of the AUTOSAR-Consortium we actively participate, together with other AUTOSAR-partner, in the further development of the AUTOSAR-standards especially regarding Safety [WP-A3] and [FT-SAF] as well as Security [FT-SEC]. Please find more information about our membership in our

press release.

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