systems engineering

Thinking about System Boundaries

"A system is always interacting with its environment – therefore, for us systems engineering does not end at the physical limits of the product. Our engineers develop and think interdisciplinary and understand the coupling of networked embedded systems and their environment."

Mastering Complex Systems

Our society is becoming accustomed to intelligent and networked products – for companies this means outstanding opportunities for breakthrough innovations. At the same time there is a huge challenge: the ever increasing complexity of systems and their behavior. Interdisciplinary collaboration is essential to the development and networking of complex systems. Therefore our employees are experts in many different disciplines, making us a natural choice as a development partner.

Product Lifecycle Always in View

Sustainable product development requires early analysis of product and system requirements. Optimizations in terms of only one life phase are often not optimal. Using models, we perform simulations of system behavior and look for changes that result from using different algorithms or parameter variations. With this, the demands on the software and hardware can be assessed early on with a virtual prototype.

Managing Variants – Thinking Ahead

Ever-increasing competition calls for greater differentiation. The number of features and variations in devices continues to rise – we support you by maintaining traceability. Only if you can keep track of the numerous requirements and tests, you can use product components repeatedly, efficiently and safely.

Quality Already in Development

We place great emphasis on continuous quality assurance, detailed process documentation and at the same time we consider safety and security aspects in all stages of development.

Our Services

  • Requirements Engineering
  • Modeling of Multi-Physics Systems
  • System Architectures
  • Platform Development / Variant Management
  • Multi-Standard Conformity
  • System Integration
  • System Testing

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