Verification & Validation

Maximum Test Coverage in All Stages of Development

"Through intelligent test strategies, test management and integrated automated test environments, we minimize testing effort and maintain the highest standards of efficiency and traceability."

Managing Increasing Test Complexity

Safety-critical functions, rising software scopes, variety, regulations, networking and increasing user interaction – verification and validation, effort and complexity are ever increasing. Design the verification and validation of your system to be scalable and efficient. Also, use continuous toolchains which integrate virtual and real verification and validation methods (MiL, SiL, PiL, HiL and mechatronic component test benches). Recognize and avoid errors early and make your tests automated and reproducible. Through intuitive configuration and parameterization of your test environment, you manage the complexity of your tests.

Co-Simulation Required

In order to achieve maximum quality of the plant models in your tests, the necessity of co-simulation is increasing. This increases the number of tools to be used in your verification and validation program. With our broad range of methods and tools knowledge, we create for you co-simulations with high-degree of physical detail and integrate them into your test scenario.

Take advantage of accelerated development processes through a continuous toolchain and a reconfigurable virtual environment, in which on-going development and adaptations can quickly become available for all test platforms (MiL, SiL, HiL, component test bench). Automated tests with TAF further enhance the efficiency of your development.

Our Services

  • Test Strategies, Test Management, Documentation with Full Traceability: Consulting and Implementation
  • Specification and Integration of Continuous Toolchains
  • Test Automation
  • Virtual Platform for Validation of ECU Software in Early Stages of Development
  • Virtual Driving Test
  • Static and Dynamic Verification
  • Model Management and Maintenance (Variant Handling)

Test in all Stages of Development

  • Model in the Loop (MiL)
  • Software in the Loop (SiL)
  • Processor in the Loop (PiL)
  • Hardware in the Loop (HiL)
  • Component Tests
  • Integration Tests
  • System Test
  • Test Benches
  • Testing

Providing Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) System Environments.

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