Functional Safety

From Norms and Standards to Applications – Across Industries, Seamless and Safe

“Understanding complex and distributed systems, taking the right measures, and implementing them into ongoing development are fundamental to us. Thus, we can offer our customers tailored solutions to provide seamless concepts in functional safety.”

Error Free

We always consider the interactions and dependencies between functions and subsystems – this is especially crucial in complex and distributed systems. In hazard and risk analyses, we identify threats, assess pitfalls, derive safety objectives, and develop safety concepts based on your existing architecture.

Standard-Compliant and Efficient Development

Whether it is sensorless motor control in a dental drill, engine control or autonomous parking – our experience in safety management and the development of safety-critical functions has been proven across a variety of industries, from concept to validation. In addition, we are actively engaged in the EU development project, CRYSTAL, thus bringing the latest concepts – regarding increasing the efficiency in the design of embedded systems for safety-related applications – to your projects.

Perfectly Integrated into Your Development

Our Services

  • Safety Management (Safety Manager)
  • Safety Engineering (System, Hardware and Software Design)
    • H&R Analysis (Hazard and Risk Analysis)
    • Functional (FSC) and Technical Safety Concepts (TSC)
    • Implementation of Safety Mechanisms in Hardware and Software
    • Safety Analysis (FTA, FMEDA, FMEA)
  • Requirements Engineering and Configuration Management
  • System and Software Architecture
  • Tool Development and Qualification to Ensure Traceability
  • Establish Processes and Methods
  • Design and Safety Case Reviews
  • Seminars

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