modelling & Simulation

Make the Real World Manageable – with Models and Simulations

"Each system to be modeled is different – whether it’s in the automotive industry, medical technology, or aviation. We identify the right approach and the right tool for each application."

Real World Shown in Detail

While models constitute a solid basis for development, they are also useful for testing algorithms. The better your model is designed to your requirements, the more efficient your development and test of functions is. You can count on us to know the physical limits and create models in appropriate detail. Combined with a strong system understanding, tool mastery, and knowledge of methods we create customized plant models and choose best-practices and tools for each application. Our work does not end here: we parameterize and validate models using real measurement data, because a model fulfills its purpose only if it actually reflects reality. We also generate models from measured values with a modern, automated process – resulting in models with high accuracy and efficient implementation.

Describing Systems and System Interaction

With an increasing number of components (software and hardware) and increasing interdependence of functions, the complexity of systems has increased enormously. Therefore, we focus on model-based systems engineering (MBSE), to describe the system architecture in SysML and analyze the behavior of the components involved with all dependencies and interactions. We depict reality and make the complexity of the system manageable.

Using Libraries and Standardization

Sustainability and scalability of simulation models is our focus. Model libraries increase the reusability of partial or complete system models. Due to our professional version management, you can track changes and keep an overview of the variety of models while reducing development costs.

Our Services

  • Design of Models with High Accuracy from an Economic and Technical Point of View
  • System and Behavior Analysis
  • Application Dependent Use Case Modeling Approaches and Tools
  • Simultaneous Use of Different Approaches, Tools and Standards for the Implementation of Co-Simulations
  • Automated, Measurement-Based Generation of Plant Models
  • Automated, Measurement-Based Parameterization of Control Loops
  • Target Platform Optimized Code Generation
  • Building of Model Libraries

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