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"Through model-based software engineering and modular architectures, we simplify the creation and further development of your applications. Specific focus is on robustness, expandability and future-proof security of the software."

Efficient Software Engineering

Specification, Software, Test – due to expanding complexity, the desire for reusability is increasing in all phases of development. In order to optimize development efficiency, we account for all possibilities of modularization, abstraction and reusability of specifications, software components and tests, from the beginning.

Quality Assurance and Traceability

You need to ensure quality and traceability of your software, but don't want to lose development efficiency? See how full traceability – from specification, implementation and testing, to test results – is achieved by our tool-based development processes. In addition, meet all requirements in regulated industries such as automotive, medical, aerospace and railway technology.

Development for all Platforms

Embedded solutions from Desktop to Mobile – we develop software for all platforms always optimized for the available resources and interfaces. We develop in all programming languages and development environments, allowing you to stay flexible.

Our Services

    Certified Support throughout the Development Process
  • Requirements Management (IREB)
  • Architectural and Design Specifications (iSAQB)
  • Implementation
  • Validation (ISTQB)
  • Tool-Based Development
  • Model-Based Development
  • Automated Code Generation
  • Automated Test Case Generation
  • Automated Documentation
  • High Software Quality
  • Tool-Based Static and Dynamic Code Analysis
  • Tool-Based Determination of Software Metrics
  • Regression Testing
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment
  • Compliance and Standards
  • Development Expertise in Regulated Industries
  • Quality Assurance and Traceability
  • Risk Management
  • Software Lifecycle Management

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