Component Test Benches


Extremely Dynamic and Precise

Our test benches enable realistic testing of mechatronic components even outside the test vehicle. Not only the mechanical and electrical systems are designed for the highest dynamic performance and precision, their interactions are optimized as well. Tests with manual target value input and automated test sequences are possible, as maneuver-based and driver-in-the-loop tests.

Rising System Complexity – Increased Demands on Test Bench Dynamics

Modern driver assistance functions are being impacted by the increasing number of electrified and mechatronic test objects, which place new demands on the controls and dynamics of test benches. To ensure the quality of your final product despite this increased complexity, we develop customized component test benches. Our solutions enable you to test your targets safely, inexpensively and realistically, enabling you to reliably identify weak points.

Hazards in Test Bench Planning – Simulate Dynamic Limits in Advance

In order to make reliable statements about the feasibility of the test bench dynamics during the design phase, we use our simulation tool TACsi (Test bench Automation and Control simulation) prior to a model-based system design. Using physical and data-based modeling, we simulate the closed-loop operation of the configured test bench, so you can verify the selected drive and measuring components at an early stage.

Increasing Variety of Test Objects – Cost-Efficiency through Minimal Setup Time of the Test Bench for each Variant

Ever increasing variants and always limited budgets require intelligent testing strategies. For example, for the verification and validation of steering systems, we provide you with a test bench for all common EPS (Electronic Power Steering) available and utilize our automation framework, TACware®. This provides, in addition to the basic automation of test bench operations and highly effective controls strategies, the functionality for automated test sequences and appropriate interfaces for "Test Object in the loop" operation.

Combination of HiL Infrastructure and Component Test Benches – The Highest Demands on Test System Integration

The competition is getting sharper: development times are shorter, the demands on end products are rising – all with growing pressure to reduce costs. The testing process must be completed in less time and ensured to be of the highest test accuracy. Traditional test bench concepts cannot handle these new requirements. We offer combined test systems – component test benches and HiL infrastructures, which enable the testing of both mechanical components and ECUs in parallel – that increase test process efficiency. You can rely on our experience in system integration.

Our Services

  • Test bench design & dynamic analysis
  • Setup & commissioning
  • Automation
  • Highly dynamic & precise control solutions
  • Flexible interface setup, e.g. ASAM HIL API
  • Development & integration of a virtual test environment
  • Coaching & consulting

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