Securely connected.

"Do you want to impress your customers with smart products and establish new business models? We support you with safe, full-service solutions which seamlessly integrate into both new and existing systems."

Next Generation Customer Service

Do you want to provide demand-driven and forward-looking maintenance, or install new features even after selling a product? Over-the-air allows you to tap new business models with extended sales options for customer services and other additional services. In addition to convenient remote customer support, transmitted data also contributes to improving future product families through the diagnosis and maintenance functions. In addition, our innovation consulting provides support in developing new models and aids in their technical implementation within your product and company.

No Chance for Cyber Attackers

Opening previously closed systems can offer a gateway to external cyber attackers. To ensure that your products are safe from manipulation and malfunction, we develop integrated security concepts which are harmonized with functional safety and provide correctly dimensioned proof of security thanks to our in-depth understanding of the system. In order to fulfill protection targets, confidentiality, authenticity as well as integrity, standardized security mechanisms are used on software and hardware level. In this way, security flaws are recognized rapidly and remedied before they are exposed by undesired activity.

Seamless System Integration

Networking impacts the entire product architecture and demands a backend infrastructure, such as a data center or a cloud solution. We determine which measures are required in our consultation and take care of the development and integration of the external interface. The interplay between hardware, software, safety and security considerably increase the system complexity and makes comprehensive protection indispensable. With end-to-end integration, we can ensure that system security is safeguarded alongside functionality. Continuous test management also ensures streamlined processes within development.

Your industry, your solution

Whether your product is built around a low-capacity embedded system or a high-performance platform, we offer you a good-value, full-service solution for joining the connected world.

Safe over-the-air Solutions for Product Ranges of All Sizes

  • System architecture
  • Software development and embedded optimization
  • Safety
  • Security
  • System integration
  • Verification and validation

Remote Diagnosis and Maintenance for Medical Devices

Monitor and maintenance your devices wherever and whenever. How is that possible without integrating additional hardware?

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Firmware-Over-the-Air for Automotive & Off-Highway Machines

Protected, wireless transmission of security-critical updates and applications within the vehicle

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