Modern industrial technology: CNC laser cutting of metal

Digital engineering in the industrial field

From the idea to the connected series product, with individual solutions for production or in the digital transformation of the company: In addition to the development of components and complete systems, we are delighted to advise you on the implementation of digital business models and innovative technologies.

Retrofitting: Gearing machines up for digitalization

Holistic test system development

Tech support for pre-development of smart products

Test benches for powerpacks


Test bench development

Increasing intelligence in systems poses new challenges for the test environment. For a realistic simulation of the environment, a dynamic interaction between the test bench and the test object is therefore necessary. Find out more about our success stories.

engineering working on a company laptop


Modern software development

Develop premium software to tame growing complexity while satisfying the demands of safety-critical applications? Defy the pressure of fast release cycles to deliver software with great agility? This is a tall order to fill. We rise to the occasion with state-of-the-art agile development assets such as the continuous integration/ continuous delivery toolchain developed by our experts at ITK.

Simulation image from the industrial environment


Visualize the real world

We use ray tracing to enable consistent virtual tests. This is the physics rather than the graphics model of ray tracing that considers all physical effects. Setting out to develop the solution best suited to your needs, we will build a simulation incorporating the workflows you have in place now.

Shaping tomorrow’s manufacturing together

As digital natives, our response to mega-trends in manufacturing is to come up with new solutions and holistic concepts. We understand your individual needs, support them highly flexible and speak your language. With a firm grasp of methods and tools, we support and empower you throughout the development process. Innovative, customer-centric, and agile.

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