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Into the future, with automotive software!

The development process is getting more complex as demand for connected, autonomous, shared, and electric (CASE) functionalities rises. As an engineering partner, we benefit from our experience with German OEMs and pursue unprecedented approaches to developing, verifying, and validating systems to put your solution into practice.

End-to-end systems engineering

Tailormade software development

V&V and integration services

Connected, smart mobility platforms

Image from a car simulation


iVESS: Environmental and sensor simulation

It’s not a game but playing helps: How to verify and validate highly automated vehicles sensor data simulations based on computer graphics-related methods.

Nissan: NAMIE smart mobility


Nissan: NAMIE smart mobility

As an engineering partner, ITK has been supporting Nissan in their mobility service initiative in Fukushima prefecture since February 2021 to create a community using new mobility services.

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V2X Simulator

Offering a wide range of test scenario possibilities, we focus on individual validation processes according to your specific needs and identify the software weaknesses.

Shaping tomorrow’s mobility together

The ability to share information across vehicles, infrastructure, and the surroundings, alongside other innovative functions, are revolutionizing mobility. As an engineering partner with its origin in Germany, our comprehensive set of methodological skills and broad knowledge enable us to team up with you to tackle these complex challenges and develop holistic mobility solutions.

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 Thomas Fraessle, Representative Director and CEO of ITK Engineering Japan


Thomas Fraessle